Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline Chat Boost 2018

Make a real difference in Idaho! Help us help more Idaho youth by supporting our new crisis chat platform!

A fundraising campaign for Jannus, Inc.

The Hotline is having a HUGE year!  Our phone and crisis text volume has jumped 60% in the past year!  We're reaching more Idahoans than ever; but we need your help to promote crisis chat response- this additional platform allows us to reach those not as comfortable calling or texting- older and younger folks, people who just aren't ready to pick up the phone but are comfortable messaging via their computers, and need a supportive compassionate response.

I remember the call I made.  I was upset, crying, and in need of someone to hear me! I called the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline.  I recall the person on the other end of the line so warm, welcoming, and comforting. A light in my dark moment.  The person that responded to my call kindly assured me that my information would be confidential and that she was there to listen. She allowed me to talk...all the while encouraging me to draw from my past experiences of strength and serenity.  Eventually sleep came.

Today the crisis I was dealing with no longer affects my life, however I will forever be grateful for that one night, that one call...that MOMENT that I was given a spark of hope in the midst of my desperation.”

Thank you,

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About the Organization

Jannus is successfully helping individuals, families and communities in transition — from infancy to healthy children, from illness to health, from refugees to working citizens, and from isolation to community.

Jannus changes lives through caring volunteers and a portfolio of diverse programs that promote health, advance policy and create opportunity.  Jannus programs touch more than 35,000 men, women and children in Idaho annually.

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