Hospicare's Music Program

A young musician raises funds to support end-of-life care.

A fundraising campaign for Hospicare & Palliative Care Services

Noam Yeshaya Ginsparg is an exceptionally skilled cellist, and we are honored that he will be fundraising to benefit Hospciare's Music Program. Why would a classically trained musician choose to support Hospicare & Palliative Care Services? His story is quite touching...

Over a fairly compressed period of time Noam's family had a number of losses, both elderly relatives & friends, and also, heartbreakingly,  young people by suicide.  The sadness of it begins to weigh on a person after a while.   

Amid all of this, Hospicare came up again and again.  Lizzy Simkin was Noam's teacher for many years, and she had mentioned the music program at Hospicare.  A family friend lost her mother maybe 18 months ago after a long illness. The bereaved family suggested donations to Hospicare, and Noam's family chose a donation to the music program to honor her.

More recently, Noam was looking to start a meaningful outreach project that he could contribute to when he is home in Ithaca, and thought of Hospicare's Music Program. 

The music program is two-fold: the use of therapeutic music as a complementary medicine to traditional hospice and palliative care offered by our clinical team; and community outreach, offering opportunities for the community to engage with Hospicare through ongoing programs.

Hospicare's music program was initiated in January 2006 by Jayne Demakos, a certified therapeutic harp practitioner (CTHP) and long-time Ithaca resident. Under Jayne’s leadership, the program has development into a vital and integral part of Hospicare’s mission for patient care and community service.

Thank you for your support of Hospicare! 

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