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Six Weeks of Summer Can Change a Child's Future.

A Horizons Success Story

Tyre’K unwillingly started his Horizons journey in third grade. In fact, he was “forced into it” by a few of his teachers, who suggested he attend to help with his reading and math. He was a smart and curious boy, but he was falling behind and could benefit from a program dedicated to reducing summer learning loss.

Fast forward six years, and you’ll find Tyre’K a charming and intelligent sophomore in high school with big plans to go to college and continue to mentor students. Tyre’K already has a head start on his career - he joined our Horizons team as a paid intern this past summer.

In addition to learning important leadership skills and gaining direct teaching experience, Tyre’K formed strong, lasting relationships and became a positive role model for many of our 149 students.

Any Horizons teacher or counselor who interacted with Tyre’K during his six years at our program will tell you that  this young man has grown as a learner and a leader. They  saw promise and a bright future for Tyre’K, even during his difficult moments. They stuck with him through his mistakes and helped him to find his strengths.

Tyre’K and other interns, along with all of our stellar teachers, made a huge difference for Horizons kids this summer. The proof is in the data:

149 students. 80% return rate. 95% daily attendance rate. On average, 2-3 months gained in critical reading and math skills. 

We cannot continue our work without your help. Your donation will make a difference for all of our Horizons students. Thank you!

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