Hope for Tomorrow

Caring today grows hope for tomorrow.

A fundraising campaign for TriCity Family Services

HOPE is the cornerstone upon which recovery is built.

In any given year, nearly one in five American adults will receive a diagnosable mental health condition. While some people cope and adjust positively, others find certain aspects of life challenging and difficult to manage. Hope is the cornerstone upon which recovery is built ... without hope, there can be no recovery. At TriCity Family Services, we stand behind our mission of providing quality mental health services that are accessible and affordable. We support people of all ages and across all income levels.

HOPE takes courage and commitment.

Every day, people reach out to TriCity Family Services for life-changing mental health care. Our clients have taken the first brave step toward healing, empowerment, and the effort to improve their situation. Whatever the struggle ... depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, marital conflict ... we are here to help. But it takes courage and commitment to make this happen. A mental illness, like a physical illness, should never go untreated, but because of the stigma and cost surrounding mental health care, it is estimated that less than 50% of individuals get the critical care they need.

HOPE is a journey toward promise.

Mental health recovery is an exercise in hope. Yet hope's journey toward promise is not a straight path ... every step makes a person stronger. The ability to get through the tough times and strengthen ourselves is better supported by those who care. As the demand for our services increases, we must lean on each other, including our community, to demonstrate the power of hope. Not acting can have significant consequences. 

With your support today comes the gift of HOPE for tomorrow.

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