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We are all in this together, and TOGETHER we will build back!

As a result of COVID-19 over 300 million people in 42 states have been asked to stay at home through a myriad of shelter-in-place/safer at home orders. The scope and coordination of these orders are unprecedented and have led to a near halt of the US economy and over 16 million people losing their jobs.

In addition to the economic impact, these directives have also shined light on underlying housing issues that many Americans face. Some of which are your neighbors.Low income households are particularly at risk as a result of their economic instability and their concentration in service industry and other hourly jobs that are at risk as a result of COVID-19 disruptions.

In an estimated 12 million of these households at least one contributing member work in an at-risk industry.

The economic crisis created by efforts to contain COVID-19 has placed unprecedented stress on the financial sustainability of Habitat affiliates, including Habitat for Humanity of the Eastern Bighorns, resulting in limited support for our homeowners at the time when they need it most.


Everyone has been affected by this global public health crisis and the accompanying economic shocks.

Everyone has been forced to consider the fundamental importance of home — of having safe, decent and affordable shelter. ​​​​​​​

We are all in this together, and together we will build back!

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