Holiday Letter Donations

Our annual giving campaign helps support the families staying in the shelter each year and our expenses that come with housing families.

A fundraising campaign for Family Promise of the Chippewa Valley

    What do the Holidays mean to you?                         

     For many of us it is hard to imagine not having a place to call home.                       Coming to the Beacon House is the first step for homeless families                         with children to find that place to call home. People like you are key in       helping these families obtain permanent housing.

For Jamie, who is a single mother of a 5 and 7 year old, the holidays mean cold weather is approaching. Even though they had a van to stay in, what little money they had for gas was gone so there was no heat. After two weeks of living in their van, Jamie and her two children came to the Beacon House.

Today, more than ever, Family Promise of the Chippewa Valley needs your continued financial support. Please consider a tax-deductible, end of year donation to help us continue to provide shelter and services to the families who are struggling with homelessness in the Chippewa Valley.

Thank you for caring for those in need. From our house, the Beacon House, to yours we wish you a safe and Happy Holiday season.  


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