DHH Student Leadership Club

DHH is creating a Student Leadership Club for Shaw High School students for ACT prep, college visits, leadership development, and skill development.

A fundraising campaign for Delta Hands for Hope
Delta Hands for Hope uses high school students as volunteers for our children's events, and while partnering with other groups to renovate our building. They are the greatest asset to DHH and to Shaw, because they come with a willingness and excitement to serve and learn. And out of everything they could have asked for, they have asked for an after school program! They want to learn more, study more, enhance and development their leadership skills, and be more prepared for college! 

We will be starting the Leadership Club in January, but will need start-up costs to get the supplies for the kids, and to go on college visits. These teens have dreams of becoming lawyers, teachers, Physical therapists, and social workers. They will have the opportunity to visit schools in Mississippi where they will learn about their desired profession and major.

There are many obstacles for these kids, because of generational and persistent poverty that many of them live in. But they are so caring, giving, and intelligent. By enhancing what they already learning in school and church, you can help make a huge impact in their lives by giving them the opportunity to learn. These teens are the future of Shaw and Mississippi, and we need to invest in them now!

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About the Organization

The mission of Delta Hands for Hope is to enhance and develop community assets related to health, education, recreation, and spiritual development of children and youth in the Mississippi Delta. We provide programming for children, including a summer day camp, a middle school girls empowerment club, a high school youth leadership program, and a photography and oral history program.