Help Young People in Rwanda Launch Internet Cafe!

Amahoro Bridge Kids are starting up an internet/cyber café in their community to spark economic growth and educational advancement!

A fundraising campaign for Bridge Kids International

Our Cyber Café will "help members take care of their families well, impact their community in the present, and lay a strong foundation for the next generation."

In Rwanda, the Amahoro Bridge Kids team of young adults is committed to promoting economic development and education. Their first initiative introduces information and communication technology into their community by establishing a cyber café. The cyber café will serve both Amahoro Bridge Kids members and the community by providing access to computers, internet, scanning, printing and copying services as well as computer training. The Amahoro Bridge Kids envision that this cafe will provide jobs, enable the start-up of other Bridge Kids social businesses while generating revenue from community use of the communication and technology services.

Amahoro Bridge Kids are asking for start-up capital of $10,000 to lease their retail space and purchase equipment, supplies and Internet services. If you can help by contributing, Amahoro Bridge Kids will provide regular updates so you can watch their business get off the ground and grow. 100% of your donation will be used to fund the Amahoro Bridge Kids' dream of starting their own social business.  Here is the location of the cyber café.

Impact of the Cyber Café Project on Amahoro Bridge Kids

Shyaka Jean de Dieu, the leader of Amahoro Bridge Kids, believes that the lives of the Amahoro Bridge Kids Group members will change significantly with the success of the Cyber Café project. While many members have completed secondary school and others have continued their education, employment continues to be a real challenge. The project will provide steady employment and "after becoming employed, we are going to improve our lives," says Shyaka. Some group members have had to put their dreams of higher education on hold and having an income will allow them to continue their studies. Several group members are married and some have started their families. Shyaka is confident that the Bridge Kids project will help members take care of their families well, impact the community in the present, and lay a strong foundation for the next generation.

About the Amahoro Bridge Kids Leadership


Shyaka Jean de Dieu, 29, is the leader of the Amahoro Bridge Kids Group, which has 31 members. He has completed his degree in Theology in Kampala, Uganda. Shyaka is so pleased to be a new husband as he was recently married in June 2017. Shyaka and his four siblings lost both of their parents in the Rwandan Genocide and, after spending time in orphanages, the children were reunited and lived together as a family. The older children raised the younger brothers and sisters. He and the other members of the Amahoro Bridge Kids live in Ndera, a community in Kigali, Rwanda.


Nyawi Didier is 27 years old. He completed his university studies and is married with one child. Didier will serve as the accountant for the Cyber Café.


Niyirera Sandrine, 25, just completed her studies at the University at Mudende in Rwanda. She is Shyaka's younger sister. Sandrine will be the project secretary.


Mucyazi Jimmy is 24 years old and lives with his mother. He has completed his secondary education (high school) and his training as an electrician. He loves English and regularly assists the group with translation and improving their English language skills. Jimmy will serve as a trainer and provide customer service at the Cyber Cafe.

Bridge Kids International is a global non-profit organization helping young people of Africa and the African Diaspora, aged 13-30, unleash their social entrepreneurial spirits to solve economic development, education, environmental, girls' rights, and health challenges and build sustainable communities.

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Bridge Kids International uses the power of African heritage culture to create communities that support the well-being of young people. We help young people of Africa and the African Diaspora unleash their social entrepreneurial spirits to solve economic development, education, environmental, girls' rights, and health challenges and link African, African-American, Caribbean and other Diaspora groups for the purposes of friendship, cooperation, and individual and community empowerment.

In Louisville, Bridge Kids is renovating a vacant building in Ben Washer Park to be its headquarters and unique community gathering space dedicated to youth social entrepreneurship, global citizenship, inter-generational relationships, and sustainable living. BKI also supports young people as they develop creative solutions to community challenges, organizes the annual African Heritage Festival, and links African Americans, Africans and all groups of African heritage in the city to build communities where young people can thrive.