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Affordable housing and a supportive work environment equip our clients for autonomy and self-determination, which benefits them and their communities.

A fundraising campaign for CFOS - SAIL Foundation, Inc.

The SAIL Foundation was formed by parents of adult men with disabilities.  "Our boys" have difficulty maintaining employment and social contacts.  Their high-functioning abilities make it difficult for them to engage in typical support service programs or to receive public assistance that's more readily available to those with more severe disabilities.

Our sons have executive function deficits due to damage to, or underdevelopment of, the frontal lobes of the brain due to disabilities such as Aspergers Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Traumatic Brain Injury.  Because neurological disabilities aren't always obvious, most individuals with these disabilities go through life with the least amount of help.

As a result, parents take on the role of provider, counselor, job coach, and even chauffer. As parents age, this question looms large;

"What will they do when we are gone"?

The SAIL Foundation was created to develop a self-sustaining program to equip and support our clients for independent living when their parents are no longer able to care for them.

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About the Organization

CFOS - SAIL Foundation, Inc.

Our Mission is to create a sustainable, supportive residential base for high-functioning members of the specials needs community, equipping them for independent living through a flexible and guiding culture of support.