Help Them Shine!

Help us save lives of pets in need.

A fundraising campaign for Humane Society of Western Montana

At HSWM we go above and beyond to help every pet find a loving and happy home. We believe in helping every pet live their best lives. This includes making sure they are healthy as well as happy.

Sometimes going above and beyond costs more than we have.

Sparkle and Glitter are two senior cats that are the best of friends. This pair have been in and out of our shelter several times since 2015. Their most recent stay has been 65 days and counting. They are very sweet ladies, but we believe that they have chronic upper respiratory infections. Although this is chronic, they seem to show symptoms seasonally. They receive special vaccinations every 3 weeks, which will need to continue for the rest of their lives. In order to learn more about how to treat this pair, we need to run costly CT scans, and do blood work.

They still enjoy cuddling with each other and their human friends, and spending time on our catio. They have become very comfortable at the shelter with their humidifier, but they would really love to find a home.

We made the choice to do whatever it took to diagnose and treat these cats. They are happy and stable and will make great pets in a loving home. Now we need your help let Sparkle and Glitter shine!

Rachel is another example of going above and beyond to let her shine. Her litter was transferred to us from RezQ Dogs in Dodson, MT. She got very sick after ingesting lots of questionable items and had to go to the emergency clinic where she was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. She is happy and healthy now and ready to find her home! Emergency, life-saving care is expensive, but again, we chose to go above and beyond to help this little puppy.

We are so thankful to have such a kind and generous community supporting us so that we can Help Them Shine!

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The Humane Society of Western Montana is a leading resource for companion animals and their people throughout Western Montana.