Build Incredible Things with the Jolly Rovers

A fundraising campaign for The Jolly Rovers Trail Crew

You can help us create access to the most iconic places in our region with your support. Join us on the trail!

The Jolly Rovers Trail Crew is a group of incredible volunteers, using the craft of stonework to make some of the most iconic spaces in the Hudson Valley accessible. Using old-world methods, crew members use native stone, hand tools, and teamwork to create stone pathways in public parks and forests. 

Our teams work each weekend three seasons of the year to improve many of the most trafficked trails in the country. And we do it at the request of non-profits and state and local governments. Because we use rock harvested from within each park, and stone crafting methods refined over hundreds of years, each path is created without harm to the environment and will last generations.  Why do we spend our weekends hauling, drilling, and chiseling slabs of rock? Our goal is a simple one: To inspire people to enjoy the most iconic paths in our region by creating accessible trails, and to empower people as we do it.

This year alone, despite the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rovers completed restoration of the Lenape Steps in the Sams Point Area of Minnewaska State Park Preserve, while also building staircases on both the new Ninham Trail on Breakneck Ridge and the 1889 Spur Trail along the Hudson Valley Rail Trail. 

In 2022, we’re diving into two new projects in the Hudson Valley. But only you can get us there! While each crew member volunteers their time, each trail project requires supplies, tools, insurance, and planning. With your support, 2022 can be a year of remarkable impact, inspiring increased enjoyment of the outdoors, and helping our parks to remain sustainable. 

We believe that the trails in our parks should be available to everyone from school children to experienced hikers. By fostering access to trails that receive heavy usage, we protect the environment and make enjoying these parks safe for all. Like similar structures from the ancient world that survive to this day, our work aims to continue the legacy of aesthetic and sustainable principles achieved by these early builders.

Will you support the Rovers with a contribution? Your gift will create generations of beauty and sustainability.

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