Support Mental & Spiritual Growth in Prisons

Your simple donation helps us send books of meditation, lovingkindness, and compassion to prisoners seeking to explore inner peace and meaning.

A fundraising campaign for Prisoner Express - a project of CTA

Thank you for taking the time to read our fundraising page and consider chipping in to help us with our goal. All of the funding for endeavors like this are solely possible with help from people like you.

For prisoners trapped in isolating institutions with little intellectual stimulation, there can be few chances and resources to explore and learn about ways to improve mental wellness and tranquility. Without the resources to cope with anger, injustice, insecurity, these individuals carry heavy burdens on their shoulders on a daily basis.

One source of peace and strength in their tumultuous lives could be meditation and introspection. We hope to touch their lives with materials teaching this to help them make peace with their pasts and expand their spiritual and mental horizons.

Pema Chödrön Foundation has reached out to us with the opportunity to supply Pema's book, Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change, to prisoners in America. Pema is an American Buddhist Nun who teaches about lovingkindness, empathy, serenity and how to open your heart to the many aspects of life. Their generous offer will help us order the books, but now it's up to us to distribute them across the nation.

Your donation today will go directly to the postage needed to mail the books to the prisoners. You are helping to make healing and meaning-making in prisons possible.

Here is a quote from her work we hope will reach prisoners: 

"Groundlessness, uncertainty, insecurity, vulnerability-- these are words ordinarily carry a negative connotation. But groundlessness isn't something we need to avoid. The same feeling we find so troubling when we open to it can be experienced as a huge relief, as freedom from all restraints. It can be experienced as a mind so unbiased and relaxed that we feel expansive and joyful."

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