Give local teachers the gift of time and space

We want to expand our local teachers' residency to include the County's rural districts. Help teachers explore their creativity. Fund a free, 4-day retreat.

A fundraising campaign for Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts

Teachers' Residency Program

For the past three years, with generous support from the Fine Arts Booster Group, Saltonstall has offered a special all-expenses-paid residency to teachers within the Ithaca City School District.

Teachers are chosen through a lottery with no jurying or application fees involved. We have fallen in love with this program, and we feel honored to be able to serve our hardworking public school teachers with this gift of time and space.

Help us serve all teachers in the County

This program has been so well received, we'd like to expand it and include teachers from all districts within the County (Groton, Lansing, Dryden, Newfield, and Trumansburg) by adding an additional 4-night residency during the Spring.

This is an opportunity to provide local public school teachers with the time and space to work on their own personal creative projects -- their own photography, poetry, a novel-in-progress, painting, songwriting, filmmaking, etc. Many teachers who are artists and writers do not have time to pursue their craft due to the demands of their jobs (and of everyday life!)

This special teachers' retreat honors creative individuals and provides a residency-like experience by offering uninterrupted time, private apartments and studio space, and prepared vegetarian dinners at Saltonstall's secluded 200-acre arts colony in Ellis Hollow.

Actual costs

Our goal of $1,500 represents the actual cost of running a free, 4-night, 5-day retreat for five teachers. We know we can do this with your help!


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About the Organization

Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts

Saltonstall believes that artists and writers should be valued and encouraged in their work. We support the creation of art and literature at its source by providing the two things most valuable to creative individuals: time and space. We offer fully-funded residencies and highly subsidized retreat space at our beautiful 200-acre arts colony, 8 miles east of Ithaca.