Help Sanford and Plumette

Sanford and Plumette, two shelter cats, have been through a lot and need your help to live long healthy lives.

A fundraising campaign for Great River Rescue

Last week, Great River Rescue was confronted with some major medical issues for two of our shelter cats.  We are seeking some additional financial support to provide adequate care for these pets and make sure they are healthy and able to go to new forever homes.  

First, we took in a stray cat which we named Sanford.  After initial examination, we learned that he is about 15 years old, blind in his right eye, and maybe deaf too.  However, after doing bloodwork and a more thorough veterinary examination, we learned that his health is okay overall and he has a chance to live several more years.  The vet recommended that his teeth be extracted though, because the bacteria in his mouth can lead to more significant health problems.  Sanford has been scheduled to have his teeth removed on Wednesday, September 13 and will be able to go to a new home after that.  The estimated cost of his surgery is $300 - $400.


Second, we have had a cat named Plumette for several months now.  She has been in good health during most of her stay here, but last week we noticed that she wasn't eating.  After a few days we took her to the vet where they noted that she wasn't defecating either.  After X-rays, they learned that she had an obstruction in her intestines and needed to do an emergency surgery.  With Board approval, we had the procedure done on Friday and her blockage was flushed out.  She is still at the vet clinic and recovering slowly.  We expect she will be okay and back up for adoption soon.  The total cost of her surgery and other procedures is about $700.  

At Great River Rescue, we do everything we can to save the animals in our care.  It is a constant challenge to keep up with our financial obligations, and medical needs like these can make things even tougher.  If you would like to donate directly to the care of these two wonderful kitties, please consider donating through this fundraising page.  All donations up to the cost of these surgeries will be spent directly on those bills.  Any donations above that cost will go to their continued care or put into an emergency medical fund for future emergency needs.  

Thank you for caring about these pets!

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