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Misaki is in need of surgery to remove a large lump over her front right shoulder. Together, we can help ensure this fun-loving dog has many years of joy left.

A fundraising campaign for Great River Rescue

Misaki came to Great River Rescue from the pound. She was found wandering on her own in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. Right away, it was clear that Misaki is a fun-loving dog that has a lot of love to give. She REALLY loves tennis balls and could chase them around all day if you let her. She won't even leave her kennel without taking a ball with her. 

Unfortunately, Misaki has a large lump over her right-front shoulder. Other than this lump, she is in great health. The vet recommends removing it. Once removed, they can do a biopsy if it looks suspicious. Hopefully, it is just a fatty tumor and we won't have to worry about cancer. 

It is difficult to get an exact estimate of cost for removal of this lump, but it could cost anywhere from $550 to $800. 

This page was created to give you an opportunity to contribute directly for Misaki's surgery and care. If you would like to help make sure this wonderful dog has many years of happiness ahead, please donate.

Thank you!

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