Help for Hauling

A fundraising campaign for Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Let's get this show on the road!

We are so excited! Our offsite programs are growing, as we are bringing our horses to other organizations and families to educate people about horses. This Summer, we have been to Main St. in Poughkeepsie, FDR in Hyde Park a few times, The Mid Hudson Children's Museum and the Millbrook Farmer's Market to name a few. It is wonderful and exciting that our horses are getting to make so many people smile and we love educating the community about horses, empathy and compassion. 

We have one team member who is not so thrilled about our offsite programs. Our 2001 2WD Ford pickup truck is TIRED! We worry anytime we have to drive on grass, especially after a rain shower, without 4 wheel drive. The starter was just replaced and with 155,000 miles, the old girl would rather be taken on trips to get hay, grain and supplies instead of hauling the trailer. Also, without a back seat, we are limited to the number of vounteers who can attend events and assist with the horses. 

We need your help!! Thanks to two very generous donations, we have quite a jump start on our truck fund, to "Get this show on the road" and we still have some work to do! 

With your help, we can upgrade our mobile programs with a reliable ride for our beloved horses; with a backseat so we will always have enough hands to help with horses, gps so we dont get lost and 4 wheel drive so we don't get stuck.

Your donation will go directly to the truck fund. 

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About the Organization

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Lucky Orphans is a Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance accredited horse sanctuary providing permanent residence to 52 rescued horses. The farm is volunteer managed and open to the public for tours. The organization has certified staff that teach equine welfare from basic animal care through competitive riding. The facility also offers certified Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (following the EAGALA model) to a variety of clients struggling with mental and emotional challenges, such as PTSD, depression, addiction, and at-risk youth. The EAGALA team also offers Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning programs, such as corporate development, team building and youth programs.