We stand behind healthy community

A fundraising campaign for Lancaster Health Center

We are here for our community

There is no doubt that we remain in a time of uncertainty and unease, even as our community moves towards the next "normal." We as a community health center know that it is our purpose to be here for – and with – our community when you need us the most.

Lancaster Health Center has implemented a COVID-19 Response Plan that protects the health and safety of our patients and staff, and we continue to provide family medical caredental care, behavioral health care, and social work support

We are caring for anyone and everyone who needs help getting and staying healthy through face-to-face video, over the telephone, or in-person. Face-to-face video and telephone are new ways we are caring for new and current patients so that we can keep our community healthy, safe, and at home. 

We have a critical need for help

Our mission of equity through healthcare the welcomes, strengthens, and helps our whole community soar is more important than ever during this important time in our community. But many of those in our community still can't access the care they need to get and stay healthy. 

Help us stand behind healthy community by keeping Lancaster’s most vulnerable residents resilient and strong.

Want more information before making your donation?
Contact Alisa Jones, President & CEO
717-945-1551 | alisa.jones@lanchc.org 

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About the Organization

Lancaster Health Center

At any life stage we integrate body, mind, and heart by providing primary care, dental care, behavioral health, and social services through a relationship that welcomes, strengthens, and helps our community soar. We believe in whole health. This means we address and heal sickness, but equally important, we get at the causes of the causes by working outside of direct care and focusing on the social ills that must be addressed to achieve true equity.

We humbly understand and embrace complex lives and unique strengths, and work hard to break down all barriers to care. We exist to ensure everyone has access to the care they need to get and stay healthy. Every family, friend, and neighbor contributes fully to the vibrancy of our strong and storied community.