Health Heroes Awards 2023

Honoring those that empower PSR's work allowing us to protect people from the gravest threats to our health and our planet.

A fundraising campaign for Physicians for Social Responsibility

PSR is excited to announce that we will be holding an in-person event to celebrate our successes in advocating for Nuclear Weapons Abolition and promoting Environment and Health. PSR's inaugural Health Heroes awards is unique in-person opportunity to learn about our work, meet our supporters and honor those that empower our work.

PSR is a leading voice in the fight for a world free from nuclear weapons and a healthy planet for all. PSR works to educate the public about the threat of nuclear weapons and climate change, and we advocate for solutions to eliminate the gravest threats to our health and our planet.

Our work is essential, but we cannot do it alone. Your support makes our work possible and I hope you can be a part of our Health Heroes Awards celebration by making a gift today.

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