Hasek's Heroes - Annual Campaign 2018

A fundraising campaign for Hasek's Heroes

Providing an opportunity for children to participate and prosper in the game of hockey

Dominik Hasek's Youth Hockey League, Inc. (dba Hasek's Heroes) provides economically disadvantaged youth in Western New York the opportunity to play the game of hockey. In 2001, Dominik Hasek, winner of two Stanley cups, one Olympic Gold Medal, six Vezina Trophies, and two NHL MVP awards, established Hasek's Heroes to give back to the Buffalo community by helping children receive access to ice time, equipment, and professional instruction.

With over 1,000 children participating in the on-ice programs, Hasek's Heroes continues to be a unique and enriching opportunity for the youth participants in the Western New York community. In addition to offering traditional hockey development programs, Hasek's Heroes has partnered with several leading non-profit organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club of Western New York, Cradle Beach, King Center Charter School, and Journey's End of Western New York, to introduce more children to hockey.

Hasek's Heroes has been fortunate to receive generous financial support from Dominik Hasek, the Buffalo Sabres, USA Hockey and several other dedicated entities and individuals in Western New York. Our organization has grown significantly since beginning in 2001 and with such growth comes more costs and the need for resources. More ice time, equipment, and instructors are needed to meet the high demand of children wanting to experience the joy and excitement of skating and playing hockey.

During the holiday season, we hope that you can show your support with a donation to Hasek's Heroes - an organization that proves Hockey Is For Everyone.

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About the Organization

Hasek’s Heroes provides Western New York children in need the foundations of athletic, academic and character development within a fun and rewarding hockey-centered program. Through Hasek’s Heroes, inner-city youth are provided with the equipment, ice time and coaching needed to play ice hockey. But beyond that, they have a safe haven, role models, academic tutoring and team building skills, all of which could effectively change the future for hundreds of youth each year.

Thanks to the benevolence and commitment of Dominik Hasek, Hasek’s Heroes has, for more than 15 seasons, provided ice-skating skills and hockey participation at no cost to over 1,000 underprivileged youth in the city of Buffalo. It is now the second largest program of its kind across all NHL cities in the U.S. and Canada, behind only the Ed Snyder Foundation in Philadelphia.

The vision of the organization is to use the game of hockey as a catalyst for children to realize their full potential. Through participation in Hasek’s Heroes, these children enjoy a safe, after-school and weekend activity from...

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