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Towels - Replace all bath and hand towels and wash clothes throughout our 51 room facility.

A fundraising campaign for Christ the King Retreat Center

Because we serve over 6000 people a year, towels are one of the most used items in our facility.  They often times get stained or torn and as hard as our housekeepers may try, not all stains come out and not all tears can be mended.  It is our wish to replace all bath and hand towels and wash clothes throughout our 51 room facility.


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About the Organization

Christ the King Retreat Center

Dedicated to the service of God on 6 November 1983 by Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza (Bishop of San Angelo, 1979-1984), Christ the King Retreat Center serves Catholics and non-Catholics. Our 51-room facility has a mission to proclaim Christ to all in an environment that offers hospitality and fosters human growth and authentic spirituality. This center is a "True Spiritual Oasis". The grounds are peaceful and serene, truly a unique setting. Like an oasis is a refreshing spot in the middle of a desert, so too is this tranquil place of refreshment in the midst of our city. Originally located on 19 acres, beside the Concho River, we have grown to operate on 97 acres. These 97 acres bring with it new responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities.