FLIP - a Hands-On Family Literacy Web App Project

Every child can be a successful reader!

A fundraising campaign for The Reading Tub
Did you know that a child who learns to read early is more likely to graduate high school and college? Did you know that literacy challenges have been directly correlated to poverty in adulthood and even time spent in prison? 

Helping children to establish strong reading skills early is important. The most influential people in the process of learning to read are parents. 

But as life becomes increasingly busy, it can be hard for moms and dads so take the time that is needed to research methods to help struggling readers. And it's hard to know where to look! 

To help families work on this key skill, The Reading Tub is developing an app for the parents of struggling readers. Resources for establishing literacy-like articles, tips, and exercises-will be available immediately so that parents can access tools even on short breaks on the job or when they're out and about with the kids: doctors' offices, the grocery store, even road trips! 

Smart phone access is quickly surpassing broad band internet access even among those living near the poverty level. FLIP allows us to quickly respond in a way that supports this change and improves access to family literacy tools. 

Help us establish strong reading skills in children by developing an app for parents who need support. Your contribution brings us closer to affecting the lives of 150,000 children each year! 

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