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Last year at this time, we told you about Joleah Lamb, an Atkinson Center–Nature Conservancy NatureNet postdoctoral fellow, whose research took her from studying bacteria-fighting sea grass beds in Indonesia to the cover of Science magazine.

Incredibly, Joleah was in the journal’s pages again in January with pioneering research on how plastic trash pollution in the ocean leads to increased disease in ecologically vital coral reefs.

Her mentor Drew Harvell, an Atkinson Center Fellow, has this to say about Joleah: “Joleah is the dream postdoc. She’s accomplished everything we could ever hope for. It’s not a usual thing for a postdoc to be lead on two Science papers within a year. It’s been a really great relationship, a great collaboration.”

Postdocs have come to play a more integral role in Atkinson Center research in recent years, allowing the center to develop unique collaborative projects with real-world impact and providing the postdocs an invaluable opportunity to work across disciplines that often leads to faculty and academic positions at prominent universities.

At the Atkinson Center, we fund pioneering, risk-taking researchers at all stages of their careers. Your gift will support postdoctoral research like Joleah's, as well as Cornell students of all levels, at leading environmental organizations around the world. Help foster this legacy of leadership by supporting the sustainability scientists of the future. Your commitment truly makes a difference.

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