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A fundraising campaign for Annie's Angels Memorial Fund, Inc.

Mission Statement: Hands On Fund is established to honor my late husband, John Hand. It is the sole intention of this Fund to provide both financial and holistic services to support financially challenged individuals and their families during their journeys through “dis-ease” – using solely the Holistic and Alternative models of Wellness.

Life can change in the blink of your eye……. this was what happened in my own Life. One Friday in 2005, my late husband John, complained of a “belly ache” and went to bed to sleep it off. He spent the weekend essentially sleeping, and other than to get up and eat something light since he was a diabetic, he slept. He knew intuitively from past experiences, that when he slept, his body healed itself.

Monday morning arrived; yet he still had the “belly ache”. So he contacted our family doctor and went to see her. She scheduled John for a sonogram of the abdomen area for Tuesday. We drove over, he had the scan, and we stopped for a lovely fun lunch; then returned home. The date was September 28th, 2005……. When we returned home there was a voicemail message from our doctor to call her immediately. John did. She got on the phone and informed him that he had a tumor pressing upon his stomach and that was the cause for his “belly ache”.

Like others in this position, the allopathic model of medicine, they ran ALL the tests and scans. We learned that John had a stage 4 cancer, an undeterminable cancer, which they were never able to locate the actual source of where it had begun…… it may have also been multiple cancers that began at the same time…… the allopathic medical community had no idea.

With my limited knowledge at that time, I did know chemo was a poor choice because it destroys the good Healthy cells along with cancer cells. I reached out to a Holistic doctor who offered IV Treatments with vitamins. Great!!!………. Except for 1 thing – the insurance model that we had back in 2005….. (and still do in 2016)… does NOT provide for payments for Holistic alternatives to treatments for cancer or any other “dis-eases”. Like many others, then and now, we were unable to financially go this route. I was personally crushed because in my heart, I knew this was his best shot at “beating” the cancer.

May, 2016…. almost 8 months from when my world was changed forever, John transitioned.

As time went by, I came to realize that I had received a Gift from this experience: an intense desire to explore, to learn and then to choose to be trained in Holistic/Energy Medicines. This then led me to eventually become friends with Bill and Diane DaGiau, Founders of Annie’s Angels. Through Annie’s Angels, I was able to obtain funding for Holistic support to help a friend of mine, Carl Eric Johnson in his cancer journey.

Because of these experiences, this Fund is dedicated to provide solely for alternative Holistic support to those individual and their families who are seeking alternative care for their journey
of “dis-ease”.

Additionally, it is my intention to rally around this fund other Holistic and Alternative medicine providers – to offer their services at reduced costs and to financially contribute to this fund as another means of support for those who may be financially challenged, yet have a sincere desire to utilize Holistic and Alternative medicine in their plan for wellness.

“In Love and Light, Erin-Dail Plunkett, CH, HOA, Reiki Practioner”

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About the Organization

Annie's Angels Memorial Fund, Inc.

Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund, Inc. is dedicated to helping families struggling through a life threatening disease, illness or disability connecting neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and business to business in a caring fundraising network.

Annie's Angels helps its Angel Families by providing one-time grants, fiscal sponsorship and a variety of innovative programs. One-time grants are used for a wide range of purposes such as durable medical equipment purchases, rental assistance, and automotive repairs. Ongoing support is offered to families with long-term medical necessities in the form of fiscal sponsorship for their fundraising needs.