Calling All Trail Enthusiasts

Is mud luscious? Are puddles wonderful? Not so much when it comes to great trails!

A fundraising campaign for Friends of Hammond Hill


Dear trail enthusiasts,

8 days. That's all it took to raise 99% of our goal of $10,645 to repair Yellow trails 4, 5 and 7. We are less than $100 away, and the day is not yet over.

You might well ask: what if we EXCEED our goal? Well, do we have more trails that need some love? Sure we do! We can do as much as we have everyone's support for. Why not strive to see just how much we CAN do?

Mike and I are incredibly excited, as we hope you all are too. Please pass the word!! Together we are making a difference here in our own backyards.

thank you so very much!
Ann and Mike

This past year has been something, hasn't it? One positive thing we've seen come out of these dark days, however, is that more people are discovering the joys of being outdoors and staying active on Hammond Hill State Forest's multi-use trails.

Our trails have saved our sanity... but at a cost.

The additional traffic and too many years with no trail upgrades have left some of our pathways looking downtrodden. Some areas are particularly muddy and pocked with puddles, causing trail users to route around the wet, damaging the forest floor near the trail. 

Let's fix that!

Thanks to a trail survey we recently ran, the Friends of Hammond Hill have identified the most in-need trails as indicated by you, the trail users. Working closely with NY DEC Region 7, we now have solid estimates of what's necessary to return sections of Yellow Trails 4, 5, and 7 to peak condition. We've also lined up a trail professional to do the mechanical work required.

All we need now are the dollars to buy gravel and trail fabric and to pay our trail pro!

How much will this cost? $10,645 will do it all. Together we can make this happen!