Growing More Than Ever

A fundraising campaign for Casa Chirilagua

Casa Chirilagua is #GrowingMoreThanEver

Casa Chirilagua is growing more than ever and your support is needed now more than ever. With children going back to school virtually and parents working hard outside of the home, Casa is ready to step in with modified programs for the fall. For this summer fundraiser, we are asking for your help in spreading the stories of transformed lives in the community while supporting the work of Casa Chirilagua in these students' and their families' lives.

Since we are growing more than ever, we at Casa want to show our gratitude for your faithful support by sending you a complimentary set of note cards that feature the artwork of Teens Club students. For every increment of $50 given, we will mail you a stationary set of 8 notecards (up to four sets). On the back of each card, you will read a story about the families you have touched and the lives you have changed. We hope that supporters like you will use the cards for personal notes or thank you cards to friends, thereby sharing the story of Casa Chirilagua and the work you are part of with others in your life.

Read below about the programs you will be supporting with your gift today:

Adult Learning

Language (¡Yo Hablo Inglés!) and Literacy Classes provide educational opportunities for adults in the community who want to learn oral English skills and/or Spanish literacy skills. This fall, the Yo Hablo Ingles program students will participate in a biweekly virtual class. We will offer two levels of English proficiency for our students: a beginner and an intermediate level. For the Spanish Literacy classes, we will offer weekly virtual and in-person classes for our students to help them continue to grow alongside their tutors.

Casa to College

We provide practical guidance and support for students hoping to attend college through our Casa to College program. This fall, we will be providing high school students with office hours support where they can receive one to one tutoring as they navigate digital learning. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in high school bible studies to help them grow spiritually and fully live out their God-given potential. These connections will provide the holistic support that high schoolers need in order to maintain academics and mental health during this fall.  

Teens Club

Teens Club offers evening and weekend extracurricular opportunities for middle school students (6th–8th grades), providing social and developmental support through group classes, experience and exposure field trips, and service-learning projects. This fall, students will have access to Casa as a “learning hub”. Each grade will be assigned a morning to access steady wifi for online classes and have staff and volunteer support when working through assignments. Students will also participate in virtual small group activities centered around leadership and promoting positive mental health, as well as participate in middle school bible studies.

Local Leaders

Local young adults from the community serve as Assistant Kids Club Directors caring for students, developing program content, directing volunteers, and overseeing all of the details that make the program possible each day. As part of the Local Leaders Program, they acquire job experience and receive professional development opportunities while participating in professional mentoring and receiving support for continuing education. This fall, our Local Leaders will be key staff in running a “learning hub” for both elementary and middle school students. They will continue to provide virtual touchpoints for students through things like Bible lessons, art activities, and games.

Kids Club

At Kids Club, our mission is to lay the foundation for the emergence of local leaders. In Kids Club this fall, 1st–5th grade students will be provided with in-person educational support through participating in Casa’s “learning hub”. Each grade will be assigned afternoon slots to access steady wifi for online classes and have staff and volunteer support when working through assignments. Students will also participate in weekly virtual reading and math tutoring to supplement in-person support. Small group art activities, Bible lessons, games, and check-ins will help Kids Club students maintain healthy social connections and support their holistic growth this fall!

Check out the stories below highlighting the work your donations make possible:


News Articles

Thank you so much for your support! Please invite a friend to view this page and be a part of this exciting work! We are so grateful for your part in a better future.

To send a check:

Note: Please add "Summer Campaign" in the memo line if you prefer to send a check. Please make your check payable to “Casa Chirilagua” and send to our office address:

Casa Chirilagua
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About the Organization

Casa Chirilagua is a community of people learning to “love our neighbor as ourselves” in the Chirilagua neighborhood of Alexandria, VA (also known as Arlandria). The neighborhood is rich in Latino culture, stemming from the many Central American families who call it home. Casa Chirilagua is a faith-based 501c3 nonprofit and currently serves alongside over 100 families. As a community of parent committee officers, staff members, board members, church partners, children and their families, and many weekly volunteers, we are working together to see the Kingdom of God established in the heart of the Chirilagua neighborhood. Our mission is to develop relationships with families to see the Chirilagua neighborhood transformed by Christ.

Together with the community, Casa works to address the needs of the whole person: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We respond to pressing material needs by connecting families to local resources and partner churches and organizations. We encourage and support students through after-school programs like Kids Club, Teens Club, Bible Studies,...

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