The Association of Latino Faculty and Staff

The GRIT Award


The Purpose of the Association of Latino Faculty & Staff – GRIT award is to recognize/support a Bronx Community College graduating student who has overcome adversity and challenges; through tenacity and resilience, has overcome such challenges and demonstrated significant academic improvement.


 The GRIT Award was created after a few brainstorming sessions of a group of colleagues regarding academic remedial courses and student challenges.  In reviewing several cases, for most, the common denominator is the financial challenge our students face.  Despite this, our students are defeating the odds to reach their academic goals.   This award recognizes these fantastic students and assists them in continuing to pursue their educational goals.   Join us in paying it forward and help our BCC students become the best they can be. 


Students interested in applying or the Scholarship will need to meet the criteria below:

·                   Minimum GPA of 2.5;

·                   Must show evidence of academic improvement of a year or more;

·                   Must be of Hispanic/Latino descent;

·                   Must provide one letter of recommendation from a BCC faculty or staff;

·                   Must have a demonstrated financial need;

·                   Must write an essay with a minimum of 500 words about his or her future career goals; how having perseverance and determination has impacted achieving set goals and contributions made to the College or community;

·                   Transfer students are welcome to apply.

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