Sponsor a Horse

Every dollar goes directly towards the care and maintenance of our therapy horses.

A fundraising campaign for The Bridge Center

As a non-profit 501 (c) (b) organization, The Bridge Center relies heavily on the generosity of our hardworking volunteers and supporters to be able to provide our equine assisted programs. Our mission is to be able to provide all participants with the tools to combat social, emotional and physical goals while encouraging independence and self-confidence through our equine assisted programs. 

The Sponsor a Horse Campaign gives all friends, families, and supporters of The Bridge Center’s Equine Assisted Programs the chance to help show the herd of horses here at TBC just how much we all appreciate what they do year after year, month after month, and day after day. It isn’t easy to ignore how much of an impact these horses have on us all, from bringing us to laughter from their goofy antics and big personalities, or by bringing us to tears by watching them time and time again be patient and understanding for our participants and volunteers, or by just watching the smiles of our riders when they get to trot for the first time or finally master the ability to steer their horse on their own. 

When all is said and done the cost of caring for these amazing teachers and friends are quite costly. On average, each horse costs approximately $4,500 a year or $400 a month! Our horse friends may seem sturdy and hardy on the outside but on the inside they are delicate animals that require routine veterinarian, farrier, and floating care on top of their daily requirements of grain, hay, water, supplements and vitamins to keep them fit and healthy for their special job.

Please consider taking part in this amazing opportunity to give back to our remarkable herd of therapy horses. There are a variety of different options to make it possible for all to take part, with donations starting from $20 up to $4,000. Every donation big or small does not go unnoticed or taken for granted, we appreciate all of the effort put forth by all our supporters and families for this campaign. 

Thank you,

Lauren Gately
Barn Manager

About the Organization

The Bridge Center specializes in affordable, year-round therapeutic recreation and equine-assisted therapy programs for individuals with disabilities. All programs are instructed by skilled staff and are designed to meet the social, emotional, and physical goals of participants. Through innovative programming, The Bridge Center encourages independence and seeks to improve participants’ quality of life.

By offering comprehensive and varied programs and camps, The Bridge Center strives to be a leader within the therapeutic recreation and equine-assisted therapy community serving as a resource for community members with disabilities and their families alike.

The Bridge Center’s core values lie in the belief that all participants can play, learn, and grow. Through our provision of goal-oriented, year-round therapeutic recreation and equine-assisted programs, The Bridge Center serves as a bridge that allows participants to:

1. Build Bridges to Play
The Bridge Center works to ensure that all participants have the support necessary to...

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