Grace for Guatemala

Help us save families from homelessness in the Guatemala City Dump

A fundraising campaign for Ramp Global Missions

Our Guatemalan missions team has just returned to the United States.  However this time with a burden on their hearts.  While ministering in the Garbage Dumps of Guatemala City, our trusted missions partners Pastors Saul and Layla brought us to meet 7 families who were being kicked out of the dump because they don't have enough money to stay there.

Yes, you heard correctly.  They are being KICKED OUT OF their homes made of 4 metal sheets, some plastic, wood, and dirt floors.  Many families who don't have these minimum requirements often find themselves to be victims of human trafficking, forced into drug rings, raped, and sometimes even worse.

Our goal is to create jobs that will provide them with fair wages, and sustainable employment; resulting in at least 25 families moving out of these terrible conditions each year.  However, that plan is still in the works, and has not come to fruition just yet. Which means we have a goal of $8,000.00 we need to raise by January 31st, or these families will be forced into the dangerous streets of Zone 3. 

Your help is not only wanted, but NEEDED at this time.  We ask that you give, and encourage others to give as well.  If you'd like you can even join us in August to meet the families that you helped.  Help us save lives and futures!

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About the Organization

Ramp Global Missions (RGM) is a Christian Humanitarian Organization that exists to help the hurting, the homeless, and those exploited by human trafficking.