2018 Goals for Girls India Leadership Summit

Using soccer to teach young women leadership & inspire community change

A fundraising campaign for Goals for Girls

Across the developing world, young women continue to be suppressed into roles that prevent them from becoming leaders in their communities. Rates of violence and sexual assault against girls remain extremely high, while literacy and graduation rates among young women are low. A vast majority of sex and labor trafficking victims are young women, and forced adolescent marriage robs the futures of thousands.

These issues are not new, but we are addressing them in a new way. Goals for Girls uses soccer as a tool to teach life and leadership skills to young women in both the US and the developing world. Soccer teaches  awareness, communication, teamwork, and goalsetting, and when paired with our curriculum, Goals for Girls empowers women to create tangible change in their own lives and in their communities.

This year, Goals for Girls is hosting it’s 4th Annual Leadership Summit in New Delhi, India. Attending this 4-day Summit are over 250 soccer-playing girls and coaches from across India, most of whom come from vulnerable backgrounds.  Some come from areas rife with human trafficking, while others come from conservative religious communities where early arranged marriages are common. Many others come from urban slum areas and experience harsh living conditions. But every single girl attending our Summit is rich in potential, with the dignity, strength, and ability to make a lasting impact.

The Goals for Girls Leadership Summit empowers girls to access the strength they already have, to become their own advocates, and to become agents of change in their own community.

While at the Summit, teams in attendance will develop community change projects they will later implement to take on a challenge that exists within their home communities. In the past, team projects have ranged from community recycling projects,  to tutoring girls vulnerable to trafficking, to neighborhood protests against child marriage and domestic violence (and many, many more). Using their own strength and the other young women they worked with, these girls boldly leave the Summit eager and prepared to make their communities better.

We need your help to make this Leadership Summit happen. There are 250 girls eager to attend this Summit who would happily pay for the trip themselves, but simply do not have the means. They need your support. Our initial goal covers the cost of all transport, lodging, food, and programming for 100 girls. Can you help?

Here are some average costs for girls to participate in the G4G Leadership Summit:
$5 covers a program t-shirt and water bottle for 1 girl
$10 all meals for 2 days for 1 girl$15 covers lodging for 1 night for 1 girl$25 covers all meals for the entire Summit for 1 girl
$50​ covers travel costs to bring 1 girl to Summit from outside Delhi roundtrip$60 covers lodging for a girl for entire length of Summit$150 Sponsors 1 girl to participate fully in the G4G Leadership Summit (food, lodging, transport, etc) $500 pays for the travel for an entire team to attend the Summit$1,000 funds transport and lodging for an entire team$5,000 Pays for 3 teams to participate in the G4G Leadership Summit (including lodging, transport, food, and program costs)
Thank you so much for your consideration in investing in girls across India and in the USA!

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About the Organization

Our mission is to use soccer to teach young women life skills on how to be agents of change, in their own lives and in their communities.

Goals for Girls connects girls from different countries and backgrounds with their peers around the world to address social and health challenges through cultural exchange, service, and soccer. Since 2007, we have used this unique platform to help disadvantaged girls across the globe by providing life skills education, all taught through the game of soccer.