OCWHP #GivingTuesdayNow

In these times of COVID-19, help the OCWHP champion a more equitable system of care for ALL Orange County women.

A fundraising campaign for Orange County Women's Health Project

Right now women’s health and well-being are more impacted than ever. We need to work TOGETHER to create a more equitable system in the age of COVID-19.  TODAY help us REBUILD a system of care that serves the needs of ALL women in OC.


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About the Organization

Orange County Women's Health Project

Since 2011, the Orange County Women’s Health Project (OCWHP) has worked tirelessly to advance the health and well-being of all women in Orange County. Our approach is simple yet unique: we start with data to identify the most pressing health concerns facing women in Orange County, invite experts and stakeholders to craft policy recommendations, and mobilize the field to implement long-term countywide solutions.

Through the OCWHP’s interdisciplinary initiatives, we work to preserve and enhance access to care, especially for low-income and marginalized communities. By partnering with stakeholders across sectors from healthcare, government, academia, nonprofit, and business, we work collaboratively to achieve systems-level changes that overcome barriers, close gaps, and streamline referrals, resulting in fewer disparities and improved health outcomes.

While the OCWHP as a whole exists to improve women’s health outcomes in Orange County, we are methodical about conducting ongoing needs assessments to understand existing and emerging issues in order to strategically direct...

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