Equal Hope's #GivingTuesdayNow Campaign

The global day of action will rally people around the world to tap into the power of human connection and strengthen communities at the grassroots level.

A fundraising campaign for Equal Hope

Thank you for being a part of the Equal Hope community.  While this is an unprecedented moment in history that no one could have expected,  one thing that has not changed is Equal Hope’s commitment to the women we serve.

Many of our clients have new urgent needs and some of our clients are confronting cancer in addition to the challenges of our times. Our navigators rely on a social services referral tool that we will now use to help our clients access resources.  We are rolling up our sleeves in a new way to help those in need. To do this, we need your help.

For the past decade, we have been working as the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force to eliminate racial, ethnic and class disparities in breast cancer survival.  When we started in 2007, African American women died of breast cancer at a rate 62% higher than White women in Chicago.  Today after a decade of hard work by us and our partners, this death gap has been lowered to 39% - not eliminated but significantly reduced.

Building on this success, we have changed our name to Equal Hope and are currently working to eliminate this death gap completely in breast cancer and we are expanding to tackle cervical cancer.  Our goal is to eradicate cervical cancer completely in Chicago.  Australia has recently announced that they are close to eradicating cervical cancer and Rwanda has 93% of their adolescents immunized against the virus (HPV)that causes cervical cancer. We believe we can do this in Chicago with your help.

Please join us today and help us help others.  Your donation will help save women's lives and transform our healthcare system in Chicago to a more just system for all.

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