#GivingTuesday for the Child Development Council

A fundraising campaign for Child Development Council

Help us promote the healthy development of children and families at home, in child care and in the community.

What can $20 buy?  $20 buys someone a ride on the bus to appointments almost seven times. $20 buys someone a box of disposable diapers. $20 gives someone a safety gate and outlet plugs to keep their toddler safe. $20 buys a can of formula that will last less than 3 days.

Twenty dollars can help buy some basic necessities that low-income families in our programs struggle to purchase. The families we serve make difficult decisions every day when it comes to "stretching" their dollar.  With your donation you will be helping low-income families meet basic needs that are often taken for granted.  The Family Services Programs strive to help families secure a healthy, safe and productive environment for the parents and their children. 

Our Child Care Scholarship Fund helps parents pay for the cost of child care when a short-term emergency occurs.  Unexpected medical costs and job reduction/loss place families in economic crisis, often making child care expense drop on the list of priorities.  The fund ensures that the children's care continues.

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About the Organization

Child Development Council

The mission of the Child Development Council is to promote the healthy development of children and families at home, in child care, and in the community.
Your gift will make it possible for us to serve more families with young children by:
Providing short term assistance for immediate results (child care scholarships, professional development scholarships, supplemental formula and baby food, car seats and safety gates, for example);
Promoting the earliest and most effective means of parent and caregiver/child interactions, building on the potential of each child;
Supporting sound habits of preventative health care and nutrition;
Creating and sustaining safe and enriching learning environments in the home and in child care.
The benefits of your contribution are far reaching, as the gains made early in life extend well beyond into adulthood.