#Giving Tuesday

Miracle Pentagon survivor developing programs for the community to become self sufficient after coming in on broken pieces of debris from a 911 storm.

A fundraising campaign for Saved Hands Foundation

Saved Hands Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation that provide entry level business skill training to the homeless.  Many of our clients are in homeless shelters that we visit on a weekly basis.  We serve individuals who are committed to gaining or improving their professional marketability with resume preparation and job placement. Often there are no financial resources to enable individuals to attend a traditional educational institution.  These individuals are then forced to accept minimum wage employment which is simply never enough to support themselves or their families.

In 2020, our Foundation provided over 50 homeless sheltered individuals with employment training and job placement.  The current goal for 2021 is to help provide 100 individuals with stable employment.  This endeavor will institute economic stabilization and growth, so that individuals will be able to maintain self-sufficiency.

Free Resume Writing Workshops are conducted monthly for the public to teach the acceptable formats of creating a resume that most employers prefer.  Our unique professional technique of interviewing rehearsals will increase the candidates chance of becoming employed.

Your donations will allow us to hire Instructors as well as essential personnel to monitor donations; review fundraising contracts; and respond to state and local filings for maintaining regulatory compliance of all applicable legal requirements.

Our fundraising solicitations this year will increase as we reach out to various Philanthropists and organizations.  The increase of funding will allow the foundation to purchase laptops, printers and other essential office equipment, to enhance employment training for our populations within Virginia.

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