Giving Tuesday is a THING! JOIN IN

Giving Tuesday is November 28th! Want to be a part of supporting education with Boise Elementary Spanish here in Idaho?

A fundraising campaign for Boise Elementary Spanish

Boise Elementary Spanish is a non-profit organization working harder than ever to bring Spanish Language Education to as many students and families as we can reach. We offer morning and afternoon classes at a few local elementary schools, private tutoring and family activities like dance, art and games at the amazing JUMP community meeting place. We also hosted our 1st ever Summer Camp this summer thanks to help from our supporters!

You may already know that foreign language instruction is not offered at public schools here in Idaho until students reach 7th grade. Our brains are wired for language acquisition at a much younger age, so this is an enormous missed opportunity.

We know there is demand in the community, but as a small organization with a BIG vision, we can reach only a handful of schools without your help!


1)  If you live locally, support our Tamale Fundraiser and Book Club Fundraiser

2) If you are a fan from afar, donate to our Giving Tuesday Campaign

3) Do all these things!

Visit us on our website and follow us on Facebook to get more information on how to get involved.

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About the Organization

Boise Elementary Spanish

Our story:

Boise Elementary Spanish believes that learning another language opens doors to new places, new cultures and greater community connections. For 25+ years BES has worked to bring Spanish Learning to classrooms in Boise and we are working harder than ever to spread the love of language across the Treasure Valley. BES believes in Idaho's dedication to excellence in education and working together to create strong communities.

Giving Tuesday Campaign Goals
1) $1000 to support Curriculum Development, Teaching Materials, Extra-curricular activities
2) Continue to build our board and volunteer 'army'
3) Provide a forum for non-local supporters to help us realize our vision!

Please help if you can - no donation is too small (or to large!)!