Giving Tuesday

Continuing God's vision to encourage, equip and educate the next generation! #UKNIGHTEDASONE #GIVINGTUESDAY2021

A fundraising campaign for Christian Heritage Academy

We need your help this Giving Tuesday!

To kick off this giving season, we need your help to continue to excel at providing a wide variety of unique experiences for our 320 students!

Coming out of a time of such uncertainties during the pandemic, we have seen our student numbers increase by 57% this year! We opened both campuses in September with full-time, in-person instruction for all of the students. We continue to pray fervently and with thanksgiving that we are able to provide a safe environment that our students can have the best opportunity to excel spiritually and academically!

What an incredible testament to what the Lord can do! In order to continue to keep our tuition rates affordable and to provide quality private Christian education in our community, we need YOUR help to provide some extra special items this giving season!

Please see the details of the areas that we would love to improve this season!

  • Our athletic program is BOOMING! As our athletic program is growing, we are needing to purchase more equipment and more storage options for our growing number of student athletes! Consider giving to purchase a new volleyball net system, new soccer nets, and an outdoor storage building. The total cost for these enhancements of the Athletic Program is $8,700.
  • As we continue to provide memorable experiences for our athletes, we also want to reduce the cost for those experiences in our elementary program. This is why we need to purchase a set of caps and gowns for our K5 students. These gowns will be used by multiple classes each year to signify the ending of K5 students' first year in school! To be able to see their children in K5 and then again in a royal blue cap and gown in 12th grade is a memory that will last a lifetime! A set of 40 caps and gowns will be $540. Our elementary students will also benefit from board games as we go into the colder months to provide an opportunity to learn through strategic play. We would need an entire set of board games to equip our K3-6th grade classes. Providing an entire set of caps and gowns and outfitting all of our classrooms with new board games will cost $2,000
  • Not to forget our secondary students, we want to make sure their high school experience is something that they want to take part in. Cultivating an environment where our students can relax and enjoy their day, is something that we are always putting extra care and attention to. To accomplish this goal, we need to replace current furniture in our student cafe ($500),  keep the coffee and hot chocolate bar stocked throughout the year ($500), and provide money to pay for expenses related to KAMP outings($1200). These are outings that are tailored to each grade and homeroom class to provide bonding time with their homeroom teacher and their peers outside of academic instruction. The total cost for this project is $2,200. This would provide new lounge seating, plenty of coffee and hot chocolate supplies as well as give classes money to put towards their KAMP outing.
  • Some items that the school would like to update and replace that have been used for several years are a new backdrop to be used for banquets and graduations as well as a new table throw. Both of these items were purchased years ago and have been patched and washed as many times as they can be. In addition to new backdrops and table throws, our chapel microphones and drop cables are in need of replacing. To replace these items with new nylon backdrops, table throws, and microphones that can be used for years to come will cost $2,000.
  • Last, but not least, CHA is a place where we continually strive to keep tuition costs low for our families. We always want to make sure that private Christian education is available to those that desire it. This is why our annual scholarships and tuition assistance are so critical. There are many families in our school community that rely on these funds to assist in providing their children with Christian education. Included in this year's wish list are five $1,000 scholarships. This money would continue to make funds available to pass blessings onto families in the form of tuition assistance.
  • While our school is growing, our staff is also growing. Each teacher that joins our team needs a computer to work efficiently for our students. We need to purchase new MacBooks to allow our teachers to teach to the best of their ability! We will put $4,000 towards purchasing new laptops and equipment for teachers!
  • The cost for all projects is $23,200. These projects will continue to enhance our student experience for years to come! If you would like to specify your donation to a particular project, please mention it in your message with your donation!

Christian Heritage Academy has always been a place that relies on the generosity of our community rather than government grants. This allows us to continue to be led by prayer and God's wisdom for our school. Your generosity is needed to continue to provide memories that last a lifetime for the next generation of students. Thank you for your kindness and your support throughout the last 40 years and may God continue to bless you and your family this giving season!

The Christian Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. 

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