Amplify The Blueprint For Survivors Today

Dare Loudly Alongside Survivors of Sexual Violence. Give to Stand with Survivors of Sexual Violence through the Gender Justice Fund at Black Women's Blueprint

A fundraising campaign for Black Women's Blueprint

This #GivingTuesday we are calling for you to GIVE RADICALLY to the Gender Justice Fund at Black Women’s Blueprint! 

Give: Live the Blueprint, Double the Impact For Survivors of Sexual Violence

We are calling you to give to keep our Sistas Van on the road as well as our comprehensive programs to meet the needs of survivors! Sistas Van is a trauma-informed, survivor-centered, sexual assault prevention mechanism implemented by Black Women’s Blueprint. Our mobile healing unit is an all-gender affirming space that centers the experiences and needs of Black women and femmes to close the gap and fill the need for support services across the spectrum of sexual and reproductive health. 

Black Women’s Blueprint (BWB) is one of few organizations intentionally committed to ending rape against Black American and immigrant girls and women. BWB originated in 2008 when our 49 co-founders recognized the pressing need to invest in a ‘blueprint’ for political and social justice derived from Black women’s self-determination and autonomy. Founders hosted sister circles in living rooms, backyards and around kitchen tables to address the intersectional challenges that Black women, and especially Black LGBTQI women, faced in their neighborhoods. These challenges-- sexual violence at the hands of police and loved ones alike, the feminization of poverty, reproductive health access, mass incarceration, and others-- are being faced by Black women and girls nationwide. Today, your gift will double the impact we seek to make in our community of survivors and through a village of hope, healing and liberation.

Donate: Give Radically to a Village of Survivors

We call on you to give radically to keep our Sistas Van on the road, to keep sisters in a haven of community, healing and liberation, to shift the narrative and material conditions of our lives. We say dare loudly by giving to our trauma-informed, survivor-centered and culturally specific sexual assault prevention programs. Your donation today helps to close the gap and fill the need for support services across the spectrum of sexual and reproductive health. 

Survivors provide vision from multiple populations such as visible and invisible disabilities, pregnancy, sex work occupation, survivors and youth. Today, your radical giving, will provide 5,000 Healing First Aid Kits, 500 Media Toolkits with Sexual and Reproductive Health Information, Healing and Counseling for hundreds, 12,000 healthy meal kits, 8,000 food vouchers, 10,000 care kits and more! 

The Soul of Black Women’s Blueprint

The founding of BWB represented an effort by women of African descent in the diaspora to mobilize together across national and ethnic identities. BWB works to counter four centuries of enforced nationalist ideologies of “divide and conquer” designed to prevent meaningful resistance by Black collectivities on plantations during and after the slave trade.

To date, Black Women's Blueprint has launched the first and only Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the nation to focus on rape and sexual assault against Black women in the United States; bringing 1,500 women and 596 girls from Brooklyn to testify at the United Nations and speak on sexual abuse and criminal justice policy-impact on their lives. BWB has organized the Black Women's March on Washington to denounce sexual violence against Black women and girls; co-hosted the Words of Fire Conference, centering Black women and girls' power, agency and pleasure; and provided ongoing crisis intervention, lone counseling, healing circles, solidarity economy, advocacy and community education. 

Using a human rights frameworks we organize to develop a culture where women and girls are fully empowered and where gender, race and other disparities are erased. Today, we continue our work with survivors nationally to create sites of refuge, safety, and resistance in which Black women of the diaspora across generations can use testimony to build power, shift discourse, and share best practices for survival.    

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