Giving Tuesday 2017

A fundraising campaign for Baby Café Bakersfield

Baby Café Bakersfield keeps young families healthier through education and breastfeeding assistance all year long!

Since 2014, Baby Café Bakersfield has provided a reliable and no-cost place for families to seek real-world breastfeeding assistance and education.  Because breastfeeding is a relationship that develops and grows over time, our unique type of breastfeeding assistance ensures that those relationships can flourish with accurate information and guidance through the normal phases of infant and toddler development.  

Parents and their babies receive respectful and dignified care in our welcoming environment.  We offer drop-in meeting times - no appointments are necessary.  We ensure that each and every family’s lactation care is overseen by an experienced IBCLC, the expert in clinical lactation care.  We create an environment of care that is conducive of comfort and serve light snacks and refreshments.  We connect families of young children with each other and with other services in our community.  

Most of all, and most importantly, we help families reach or exceed their own breastfeeding goals.  Families who attend Baby Café Bakersfield are able to breastfeed longer.  The lifelong effects of breastfeeding on babies and their mothers are far-reaching and often overlooked by our health care system and its providers - we aim to change that here in our part of the world.  Our staff are all volunteers and we operate solely on donations and kindness.  

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About the Organization

Baby Café Bakersfield

An IBCLC is available at Baby Café to help breastfeeding families at no cost to them. These professional services are provided by local IBCLCs who volunteer their time to serve their community.

IBCLCs are the clinical experts in lactation care and are able to provide the highest level of breastfeeding support for all breastfeeding problems, including complex situations.

In Bakersfield, IBCLC services can be difficult to access, and Baby Café Bakersfield provides these services because they are necessary to ensure that all families in the community have the opportunity to reach their own breastfeeding goals.