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A fundraising campaign for Create A Change Now

GIVE BIG TODAY to support Create A Change Now! We are tackling Childhood Obesity head on and we need your help TODAY! DONATE and GIVE BIG to Support US!

We are committed to educating children and families to fight childhood obesity and related diseases so they will live healthier, more productive lives, by providing robust programming, direct interaction, and empowering educators.

We adopt at-risk elementary schools on a long-term basis and instill our Healthy School, Healthy Life program.

Create A Change Now serves children in at-risk elementary schools in Clark County. We use edible education to introduce children to a positive and healthy relationship with food. Changing the way kids eat through our Healthy School, Healthy Life program will have long-term if not lifetime impacts. After hands-on learning through active gardening and nutrition education, we expect students to have a greater understanding of food, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. We believe a sustainable community begins with healthy kids who are excited to learn.

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