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Why Shelterforce?

Shelterforce is the only independent, non-academic publication covering the worlds of community development and affordable housing. We use the power of journalism to inspire, inform, and hold accountable all those working toward more just, equitable and thriving communities where every person has a place to call home.

Dedicated from the beginning to everyone working to empower and support low-income communities, Shelterforce provides a venue for conversations that need to be had—on topics from community planning to racial equity, housing affordability to tenant protections to homeownership. We bring you professional reporting, voices from the field, and accessible topic breakdowns, all with a commitment to fighting for communities.

Readers—and listeners!—tell us they use Shelterforce in trainings, in strategy discussions, in lobbying, to find partners, to be connected and informed, and much more. 

Help us make more of the content you love and use—Under the Lens series on topics from ADUs to tenant organizing, in-depth analysis on policy and programs, explainers on the questions that come up time and again in your work, and so much more.

People are talking—What are they saying?

I am increasingly impressed by Shelterforce—you're the center of public debate about community development in the United States! —Todd Swanstrom

Having worked for both the public and nonprofit sectors specifically in housing for last 20 years, Shelterforce's nationwide focus is unique, informative and impactful. —reader survey respondent

There is a lot of PR-speak and wishful thinking in the CD field, but your best articles cut through that and provide a clear-eyed perspective. —reader survey respondent

Without doubt the most current, penetrating, powerful comprehensive and value-adding publication in our community. —Conrad Egan, fmr CEO, National Housing Conference

Thanks for having the courage to challenge the status quo. —Charles Wilkins, the Compass Group

Shelterforce really does a great job of connecting me to the central issues of our “industry,” but it also reminds me that we’re part of a larger movement. Keep up the good work.  —Nate Lichti, Managing Director, Multifamily Housing Unit, WA State Housing Trust Fund


New match!

December 6, 2023

Dear donors,

Thank you so much for supporting Shelterforce! Your donations in the first half of our campaign—and often your words of support that came along with it—have been so encouraging to our staff!

I wanted to give you a quick update:

Good news: We have secured the maximum Newsmatch matching funds! Even better: another generous donor has stepped up to add some more matching funds to keep the energy going. Thank you to Jeff Tiell!

However, even those matches won't be enough to get us to our goal. So can I ask you to do three things for me?

  1. Share our campaign with colleagues and others who you know benefit from our work. Remind them that their organizations often used to pay for a print subscription and now they have access to our work for free. Here are some resources to use.
  2. Share our campaign on social media. Tell people why you gave, and perhaps remind them that we get a bonus from NewsMatch if we hit enough new donors.
  3. Consider if you or your organization or someone you know might also be able to make a matching gift to continute our momentum as the year wraps up! (If so, please reach out!)

Thank you again for all your support.


PS Bonus request: If you haven't yet, please tell us your specific stories about how you use Shelterforce! 

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