Help us celebrate 25 years by giving 25 riders a scholarship and opportunity to change their life!

A fundraising campaign for High Horses Therapeutic Riding Program

Our mission is to improve the well-being of people with unique needs through a therapeutic equine experience.

Therapeutic horsemanship is a unique partnership between riders, horses and certified instructors to enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educational skills in people of varying abilities.

Therapeutic riding engages the rider’s mind and body to promote increased self-esteem and confidence, as well as improve posture, balance, hand-eye coordination and muscle tone. Seniors, veterans, adults, teens and children with physical, cognitive or emotional issues find strength, courage and independence with the help of horses each year. Because the gait of a horse so closely mimics that of a human being, improvements in strength, muscle memory and physical ability are often realized. Moreover, the unique relationship formed with the horse can lead to elevated trust, patience, joy and self-worth.

“I love the total commitment that the entire staff has to the riders, the horses, and the families involved.”

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About the Organization

High Horses Therapeutic Riding Program

Mission: To improve the well being of people with special needs through a therapeutic equine experience.

Vision: We aspire to offer state of the art equine assisted therapies, providing a full range of services to our community. As a nationally accredited program, we will help shape the future of our industry.

Values: High Horses adheres to the values of teamwork, integrity, respect, empathy and joyfulness in all that we do.

High Horses Therapeutic Riding Program offers equine assisted activities and therapies to people with special needs. We have been serving residents of the Upper Connecticut River Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont since 1993. We are one of only three programs in Vermont whose standards meet the demanding criteria to attain "Premier Accreditation" by PATH intl.