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Access ASSET Scholarship Program

A fundraising campaign for ASSET Inc.

Break down barriers to STEM education for all learners.
Help provide low-income students
with skilled educators & hands-on materials.

A recent study from a Stanford economist concluded that that children from high-income families are ten times more likely to become inventors than those from below-median income families.


The truth is that many schools and educators in our community are struggling this year to access updated and quality training and educational STEM materials for their students. This contributes to a growing achievement gap, with students in under-served communities and students of color falling behind their peers.


ASSET STEM Education's Access ASSET Scholarship Program ensures that all students benefit from highly-effective educators and high-quality learning tools by providing no-cost training and instructional STEM materials.

In the past four years of Access ASSET: 

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About the Organization

To advance teaching and learning to engage, inspire and empower all learners.

ASSET Inc. equips educators with effective tools and strategies to create innovative and relevant learning environments so all students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work, live, contribute and lead in a global community.

Founded in 1994 by a coalition of community partners, ASSET has grown from a local education improvement nonprofit to a national leader in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. The organization provides more than 130 different professional development courses to more than 3,500 educators annually. ASSET also equips classrooms and educational programs with hands-on, minds-on STEM materials. Each year, these activities impact more than 150,000 school-aged youth.

ASSET’s holistic approach to STEM education fosters youth interest, engagement, and achievement in other subjects as well, including reading. Independent evaluations have demonstrated ASSET’s potential to help educators impart youth with the knowledge and skills needed...

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