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#GivingTuesday. November28.

A fundraising campaign for Second Chance Pet Rescue

A Second Chance for Romeo & Juliet

We have a lot to be thankful for this year but what we are most grateful for is you. Because of your generous support, we've been able to save 135 shelter dogs this year, including two big shepherds named Romeo and Juliet.

When the bonded pair first came into the shelter, they looked like they had been on the run for a while. They were scared, scrawny, and covered in ticks. Poor Romeo also had an abscess under his chin that was oozing and bleeding. To make matters worse, he was terrified of us and wouldn’t let us get close enough to help.

It took a couple weeks but we slowly earned Romeo’s trust and eventually got him to the vet where we found out that his abscess had been caused by the worst case of foxtails we’ve ever seen. The vet removed at least 100 stickers from inside the poor guy’s mouth and jaw!

Thanks to compassionate dog lovers like you, Romeo and Juliet got the vet care they needed, made a full recovery, and were adopted together after just four months at the shelter! They now live in a safe and secure home with six loving humans who value family above all else and understand the bonded pair’s need to stay together. If you like seeing dogs like Romeo and Juliet get a second chance, please donate on #GivingTuesday.

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About the Organization

Second Chance Pet Rescue

Second Chance Pet Rescue provides daily care, medical treatment, and adoption services for the dogs at the Corning Animal Shelter. Our mission is to give every dog that comes through the shelter a second chance, no matter how sick, injured, or scared they may be.