Together We Give 2020

“Girls Inc. has given my family a sense of normalcy we never thought we’d feel again.”

A fundraising campaign for Girls Inc. of the Valley

Can you imagine having to leave your 8-year-old child home alone for their online school day while you have to go to  work?  

This month, to the huge relief of parents and school administrators, we’ve opened our Girls Inc. Learning Pod. We’ve turned our Mariposa Center into a safe, socially distanced classroom. Now, instead of being home alone, 13 girls come here every day for elementary school online, supervised by two of our dedicated staff members.

Of course, we’re still meeting girls where they are, bringing the Girls Inc. Experience into homes and classrooms. Our fall season is well underway exciting and educating girls ages 5-18 with new creative online programs.

“Girls Inc. has given my family a sense of normalcy we never thought we’d feel again.”

On Giving Tuesday, every act of your generosity counts!

$50 adds weekly healthy food and snacks to keep our girls strong
$100 sends home activity kits full of supplies to keep girls learning
$250 helps girls with homework and college applications
$500 teaches new skills to girls and staff to navigate the stress and trauma of the pandemic
$1,000 supports dramatic new needs for increased technology

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About the Organization

Girls Inc. of the Valley

At Girls Inc. of the Valley, we fight for a future where girls are not stereotyped, where opportunities exist for them to prepare for interesting work and become economically independent.