#givethegiftofhome 2020 Annual Giving

This giving season give the gift of home, the gift of hope

When you give the gift of home, you are not just helping a Habitat Family, you are helping your community. 

If every resident of Dutchess County gave just $1.00 on Habitat Dollar Day aka Giving Tuesday, we could raise $292,000!! That is 2 homes that would be built and purchased in Dutchess County.  Did you know that for every 2 homes purchased by a Habitat family 1 new job is locally created? Just $1.00 per resident of Dutchess County can help a family own a home and take pride in our community.  $1.00 can help a child have a higher chance of graduating and continuing their education because of the stability of a permanent family owned home.  $1.00 can help the 1 in 5 Americans who live in substandard, unhealthy housing through homeownership.  

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