General CALM Donations

General CALM Donations

A fundraising campaign for California Living Museum

Give to native wildlife and education! A donation to the CALM Foundation supports native wildlife conservation, research, and education for school children and the community. No donation is too small; every penny counts! More information about CALM Founded in 1980, California Living Museum exists to display and interpret native wildlife for education, recreation, conservation and research. The museum features over 200 species of non-releasable animals and California Native plants that give visitors a unique opportunity to observe and learn how wildlife lives and adapts in a natural setting. Among the many animals that can be seen at CALM include: black bears, hawks, owls, eagles, mountain lions, bobcats, reptiles, and many more. Most notably, CALM is home to 7 endangered desert bighorn sheep through a cooperative breeding relationship with Los Angeles and San Diego Zoos. There are only 70 known to exist on exhibit nationwide. In 2016 CALM secured two California Condors to exhibit.  With only 450 condors worldwide, these amazing animals are an important part of CSALM's educational mission.  Donations are needed to pay for the care of CALM’s many animals! Education is at the core of CALM's mission. The zoo provides education programs to over 20,000 Kern County School children annually. The CALM Foundation supports capital projects at the museum and is governed by a board of local community leaders. It is a 501(c)(3) foundation and accepts tax-deductible donations.

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