Future Now Award

A fundraising campaign for Bronx Community College

The Purpose of the Association of Latino Faculty & Staff - Future Now Award is to recognize/support a Future Now High School Equivalency Graduate who is currently a full-time student at Bronx Community College.  Preference will be given to students of Black or Latino descent, and must be on track to graduate with his/ her Associate Degree by June 2022.

About Future Now:

Future Now was founded in 1998 on the campus of Bronx Community College to promote the educational and vocational development of young adults residing in the Bronx.  The program offers free HSE and vocational training classes, student counseling and career exploration, along with college preparation and enrollment services to students ages 17 to 24.  Most students are engaged in classes and other activities 25 hours per week.  This level of intensity allows students to see progress relatively quickly, which helps motivate them to persist in their studies.

In order to enroll in Future Now, a student must:

·       Be between ages 17 – 24 by the first day of class

·        Be a New York City resident

·        Pass the Future Now placement test

·        Attend an interview and orientation

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About the Organization

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