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About Us

Excellence by Design Education Center (EDEC) is a service focused, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing supplemental and extended educational programs and services to underserved  children, youth and families in the Greater Dallas Metropolitan  area. Our mission is to empower children and youth to transform their lives by providing educational programs and services that address educational, social, cultural, and economic needs.

Excellence by Design Education Center was founded by Mary Miller, who have worked as a community college professor and school principal and brings 30 years of educational experience and expertise. She holds a teacher certification in English/Language Arts and Reading, grades 4-8 and a principal certification, K-12.  She has 30 years of experience developing productive student-focused environments to maximize learning experiences in both regular and alternative education settings. Her guiding quotes are “I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care” and that the art of educating is crucial because “Education is the strong foundation on which this nation was built, and it is the fabric that will continue to whole this nation together”.


S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) UP is a program aimed at getting upper elementary and middle school underserved students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math.  Program offering include STEAM camp, field trips, and youth conferences focused on S.T.E.A.M and is designed to be fun and interactive.

Our Impact

 We were able to serve 45 students  in the S.T.E.A.M Up program during our 2018 camp. Our Robotic lab was conducted by the Perot Museum, one of our community partners who provided financial aid and discounted program rates for the robotic lab.  Our robotics camp help students learn how to build and program a variety of robots using STEAM materials and robotic software. Our simulated engineering camps give students the opportunity to design, evaluate and reconstruct building, machines and global structures. Students build math, critical and creative thinking skills and learn how to problem solve all while having fun.   

Current Agency Needs

Presently we are seeking funding for our Summer 2019 S.T.E.A.M Up Camp.   The goal is to serve 75 students in transitional and public housing during our summer S.T.E.A.M. Camp - June 24 through August 5, 2018.  The Camp will be held two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 8 weeks.  Funding will enable us to increase the number of students we serve in S.T.E.A.M Camp education to 90 students.  Giving  will help us:

  • with operating expenses so that we can expand our academic and outreach programs to more children living in transitional and public housing.

  • Fund programs from community partners at a discounted rate (Perot Museum)

  • Purchase needed technology (IPads/ tablets) and software needed to enhance our program offerings.

  •  Increase the number of student we are able to serve.

  • Provide healthy snacks to students in the camp

Please see our donations levels for suggested giving. In-kind gifts are also accepted. For in-kind gifts please contact Mary Miller by email at marymccrady@att.net.       

Your giving matters. Every gift, no matter what size truly makes a difference.

Funding Impact
Research has shown that summer vacation is one of the leading causes of the achievement gap among children and youth. Children and youth who live in higher income neighborhoods spend their summer reinforcing their STEAM learning through camps and other STEAM related programs; however children and youth from financially disadvantaged communities have little or no access to STEAM enrichment program.  When the new school year begins these children lag behind their peers who had access to STEAM programs.  Gving to our STEAM UP program will allow children and youth to continue to  ttheir creativity and imagination to explore, create and collaborate, while learning STEAM, that will help them in school and in life. We will also be able to expand our program to other transitional and public housing locations in underserved areas.



What Students Are Saying About EDEC

This program is helpful in getting us to our next grade and it is fun—Amaya  (student)
Thank EDEC for coming and showing us how to make galaxy rocks and explaining to us what  is in the galaxy rock and letting us have fun with learning----Sylvia (student)

What Organizations are Saying About EDEC

I love this program because it exposes children to things they usually wouldn't get interested in. It teaches engineering and expose kids to have a more broaden horizon.  I love this.------C. Suber (Family Gateway)
This program aims at achieving the vital missing link in the educational system. It complements and cohesively binds all the essentials of true education, which is not just academics, but also training for life both in the fields of vocation and building a life with correct values. Its success is guaranteed and it will become a pioneer project leading the way for the adoption of a holistic approach to education. Wishing it success and a rapid growth, and congratulating its CEO on this grand endeavor. Jayshree Sharma, Educator

Excellence By Design Education Center made snack packs for our families in shelter. They also help in the afterschool program every Thursday. Thank you for supporting our mission on so many levels! Family Gateway

Why We Give

Board Members & Donors

We are proud to contribute to Excellence by Design Education Center (EDEC), because EDEC is an organization that provides needed educational, life skills and social development benefits that impact the lives of disadvantaged and underserved youths in our communities. We care about others and feel very fortunate that we are able to help. God has blessed us to be able to contribute and give back to others. For that, we are truly grateful. - Jesse & Betty Howard,

Volunteer and Donor

As an Educator with over 20 Years of experience. Excellence by Design Center (EDEC) is a nonprofit organization that serves a diverse student population. My philosophy is "Our Children Are Our Future". Our Z Generation learns through innovative, and creative hands-on learning experiences in the classroom. I am thankful that EDEC gave me an opportunity to make a contribution to an important campaign. Margie Moore, Educator


I appreciate EDEC's efforts in reaching out to our disadvantaged youth! Hopefully "roses will bloom where weeds once grew. Bernadine Harrison

 Because of your generosity EDEC have served 581 children, youth and families.

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About the Organization

Excellence by Design Education Center

Excellence by Design Education Center (EDEC)is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works to remove barriers that inhibit student progress and impedes learning. Students receive the maximum level of support to guarantee academic success. EDEC works with schools, learning centers and community organizations during the school day, after school, time out of school and during the summer.

EDEC uses the “Whole Village” Approach. The “Whole Village” approach allows EDEC to develop the “Whole Child”. Programs and services address the educational, social, cultural, and economic needs of each child to help tear down barriers of children and youth who are already experiencing significant challenges and problems that place them at-risk of underachievement, school failure and/or becoming a dropout. Not only do EDEC address academic needs of children, but we also address economic and social needs. EDEC Outreach Program provides school supplies, uniforms and healthy snacks to children in need. EDEC also provide school supplies and uniforms to schools impacted by natural disaster and...

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