Full Bellies on #GivingTuesday

Providing hay and grain for 13 senior draft horses for the month of December.

A fundraising campaign for Draft Gratitude

For #GivingTuesday this year, we are all about full bellies! 

The importance of a safe, consistent, and appropriate feeding program in place for senior draft horses cannot be overstated.

Not only do these big guys deserve to feel full, but their health, body condition, and ability to stay warm all depend on it! 

It's a big deal.  And it's expensive.

Here's what we feed:

Poulin Hay Extender. 

With mostly senior horses here, we have a variety of mouths to consider.  Some have pretty good teeth to chew with.  Some really don't have many teeth left to chew with.  Hay extender has been a successful way to add fiber calories to their diets.  We feed 8 bags per week at $12.81 per bag.

Poulin FiberMax Grain. 

This specific grain is high in fat and low is sugar, exactly what we look for when feeding senior draft horses.  FiberMax has added vitamins and minerals plus pre and pro biotics.  We are able to feed this grain to all of our horses, although the amount varies from horse to horse.  We go through 10 bags per week at $21.78 per bag.

Round Bales of Hay. 

We feed quality first cutting round bales.  They are placed in feeders with hay nets.  The hay nets encourage the horses to graze for longer amounts of time and also save a significant amount of waste.  We feed 5 rounds per week at $75 per bale.

Their body condition, their general health, and their ability to stay warm are all connected to what they are eating.

Our feeding program has worked well for the draft horses in our care.  We see weight gain when needed.  We see healthy skin, coats, and dapples.  We make adjustments as needed for weight gain or weight loss (yup, it happens, they get too chunky). 

Another huge consideration this time of year is body heat.  Body heat is produced through the digestion of feed and can be useful in helping a horse maintain body temperature in cold winter weather. 

Will you help us keep their bellies full?

Will you chip in a bag of grain or a bale of hay? Your gift today on #GivingTuesday ensures the health and comfort of the big guys by meeting a daily need.

Thank you for helping!

ps.  We met our initial goal for December!  We are now working on the cost of feeding for January! Thank you.

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