The Francis Center's After School Program

When school is out, we continue the learning.

A fundraising campaign for Francis Center, Inc

Help us fund our After School Program!

Help us fund our After School Program!

At Francis Center, we don’t believe that any child should miss an opportunity to learn.

Research has shown that Grade 3 is a pivot point in academic success, and that 74% of children who are not reading at grade level by that time will never catch up to graduate with their class.

Our after school program helps children in grades 2 and 3 who are falling behind their classmates by helping them with homework and develop the skills they need to succeed.

Our qualified teachers take the time needed to help these young minds develop their reading, language and mathematics skills. In addition to academics, the children are also engaged in activities for creative expression: painting, clay work and other artistic pursuits that enable them to feel the sheer joy of imagination and productivity.

Throughout their time at Francis Center, our young students are treated with respect, concern and acceptance as we help guide them toward an appreciation for learning, the confidence for creative expression and the desire to be kind to others.

Are we successful?  You bet!  The 2012-2013 Northwest Evaluation Association test results provided by the Niagara Falls School District showed that Francis Center students experienced:

  • 100% improvement in Math
  • 89% improvement in Reading
  • 84% improvement in Language Usage

Additionally, our young participants acquired stronger social skills and learned appreciation for fine arts and music.

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About the Organization

Francis Center is a place where children living in the inner city of Niagara Falls come to discover the joy of creativity and learning.
We offer a variety of programs that teach children fundamentals that contribute to a healthy, happy, productive life: knowledge, kindness and creative expression. Here, in a welcoming, safe environment, they enrich their academic skills while participating in fun activities and learning to treat others with respect.

Francis Center offers its thanks for donations and grants received from throughout our community, and the valued participation of volunteers who contribute their time and energy to encouraging young children to learn, discover, explore and thrive.