Support the Alternatives Library

Join a community of patrons who are helping to cultivate the collection and spread seeds of social change.

Dear Friends,

Because of your support we're able to serve every single person who walks through these doors with materials, space, and help them find opportunities here in the regions. 

If the Alternatives Library didn't exist, the kinds of books we carry and topics we pursue would not be as widely available to the public as they are right now.

When a student searches "US foreign policy" our books are part of the results in 33 libraries in the region.

When a new homeowner wants to learn about "gardening" or "energy" our books are part of those results.

When someone wants to learn about reproductive health, compassionate communication, racial justice, queer identity, ecology, Buddhism, or the history of this region, our books will show up in the search results in their local library.

When a prisoner, at any prison in the U.S. is looking for connection, healing, reading materials, and someone who simply cares – our programs are available for them and they will receive a response.

There are countless stories of people whose lives were transformed because of materials they discovered through the Alternatives Library. Maybe you have a story?

You know libraries are important, that's why you're here, reading this right now. You know the value of a diverse and progressive collection like ours – and you know how important it is that we create a way for you to keep it going.

Thank you for reading, thank you for paying attention, and thank you for supporting the Durland Alternatives Library.

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